Life Skills for Children

The ultimate personal development and anti-bullying course for young people

Young People are our Future has been created to make a real and lasting difference in the lives of thousands of young people and their families in communities across the UK and beyond. 

The driving force at the centre of the YPAOF movement is the Life Skills for Children personal development course. 
The course provides young people with a unique set of skills to increase their confidence and personal safety and allows them to develop and enhance skills including: - vision, a positive mind set, motivation, communication, passion, persistence, action, charisma, creativity, strategy, courage and trust.

A powerful and proven solution to tackle bullying, the course provides a direct and very effective education to young people. It is so simple to deliver, young people within our team deliver the material to their peers through the "Kids teach Kids" initiative.
Young people experience:-
Awareness Skills 
- Voice Projection 
- Body Language Skills 
- Healthy Body, Healthy Mind 
- Personal Safety Skills 
- Short / Long term Goal setting 
- The importance of setting Goals 
- Presentation Skills 
- Interview Skills 
- Creating the Right Image 
- Self Evaluation 
- The Consequences of their Actions 
- Understanding RESPECT A Code of Conduct

- Anti-Bullying Techniques

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