Monday, 12 December 2011

NEW web site launched for Young People project in MK

After the success of the Young People are our Future event held on Monday 14th November to raise money for Children in Need, Life Skills for Children and 3rd Lens productions have joined forces to empower 25,000 local youngsters through a 12 month community project that will see them educated in some valuable life skills and inspired to learn some new skills through the medium of filmography. Once these new skills are developed they will be given the opportunity to extend their creative side and produce exciting video projects on local activities and hobbies.

The Young People are our Future project will utilise the skills and experience of the best service providers in Milton Keynes to enable young people to tap into every opportunity available to them with the singular objective of increasing their confidence and their belief system so that they understand anything is possible with a positive mindset.

Young people are given so much negative press and in many cases for the wrong reasons. To combat this negative attention many young people use excuses such as there is nothing to do except hang around on the streets. I do have to question in an age where there are a million TV channels, hundreds of different gaming systems and online activities to do, why do young people find it difficult to find things to do?. Maybe the old saying of "less is more" is relevant in today's communities.

Working with young people every day gives you a clear and quite scary insight into the future of communication between human beings. The same technology that is entertaining our young is also helping to reduce their positive communication skills which can only be strengthened through human interaction and the use of the voice in real conversation.

I unfortunately meet youngsters daily who's command of the english language is so poor because they very rarely use it. Texting has become the new spoken word and facebook the new way to express feelings. We have a growing number of keyboard warriors who would not dream of saying some of the things they put on facebook in a face to face conversation.

It is not my objective to be seen to be blaming the gaming industry for the hypnotic influence these games have on many young people. It is clearly an issue for the parents and those young people themselves to address, however when we have an army of young people who express their creative side by playing games in which they take pleasure in killing anything that moves, it is no wonder so many young people find it difficult to distinguish the difference between fantasy and reality.

The Young People are our Future project is designed to provide young people with a traditional and very effective alternative set of activities that will provide them with some real life skills to improve their chances of becoming the best they can be.

They will improve those essential communication skills through real human interactivity and conversations as well as learn how to create the side of their personality which promotes and produces positive powerful messages through the medium of video.

What's more, the project will see 25,000 young people given the opportunity to participate in activities that will stop them roaming the streets bored and will take away the temptation for them to get involved within anti-social behaviour.

As a community project, Life Skills for Children and 3rd Lens productions are keen to involve local community groups, sports clubs, companies, schools, parents and of course young people so that we can achieve some wonderfully positive results.

Details of the project and how to get involved can be found at 

For details on Life Skills for Children click here
For details on 3rd Lens productions click here

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