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Community project designed to educate, inspire and motivate young people

Ask any person, why young people today act the way they sometimes do and you will be bombarded with an array of colourful answers. It is the parents, schools are failing them, the government has relaxed to many rules and they have no clear direction are all comments I often hear when attending events or visiting schools.
You do not have to look very far to see some shocking examples of young people creating havoc somewhere in their local community.
The media is always highlighting examples of a society, which in many ways has lost its way and often descends into chaos through the actions of a minority of young people and the lack of appropriate response from the authorities due to the fear of becoming politically incorrect.
As a country we openly embraced people from every corner of the globe, but in the process forgot to clearly define the rules that they must abide by in order to keep the great in Great Britain. As a result the core values that this country were built upon are being shaken to their roots as we try to appease the cultural differences of everyone that enters our shores.
Over many years these gigantic changes in the way we live, have and will continue to affect the development of young people in every community across the country.
In every household on every street, there are people screaming for clear direction, for a return to a sensible approach to living where we all abide by a strong set of core values and where we all respect them. 
The are without doubt many advantages to having different cultures from around the world positively affecting our communities. Both this and future generations can benefit from the experiences and belief systems people bring to communities. Unfortunately, too much time is being spent on the negative aspects of cultural integration, which is naturally affecting young people growing up today.
In the last few months alone, I have witnessed the wonderful work of many individuals and groups who have a singular mission to bridge some of the damaging problems that exist within their communities. These people provide great opportunities for young people to learn and be inspired to become success stories.
Similar to the problem of people from different cultures not communicating and learning from each other, many of these individuals and groups operate on the same playing field. I provide a great service so I will ignore everyone else...
It seems to be to simplistic to suggest meeting in a central location and finding some common values and working practices so that young people in the community are given the best opportunity to become something special.
As a direct result of my frustration over the last few months, I thought it was appropriate to stop talking and do something about it. 
The Young People are our Future project will utilise the skills an experience of the best service providers in Milton Keynes to enable young people to tap into every opportunity available to them with the singular objective of increasing their confidence and their belief system that anything is achievable with a positive mindset.

Young People will experience some key life skills designed to improve their ability to communicate professionally, set and achieve goals and provide them with the correct mental approach to become the best they can be.
These new skills will be used to inspire them to become creative and express their physical and mental abilities through the medium of film. Workshops will be available to young people where they will be taught how to turn their creative thoughts into reality.
Armed with a powerful and inspirational mind set and the knowledge of how to express themselves through film, young people will be encouraged to create wonderful projects involving music, dance, acting and much more.
Local service providers will provide workshops in singing, dancing, acting and every activity possible to continually encourage young people to become the best they can be.
The Young People are our Future project is a community initiative designed to engage promote and inspire local people to make positive changes in the way we educate young people. 
Regardless of the the activity, the project will embrace any person or group who currently provide their services to young people and who want to be a part of a powerful and positive movement.
A 3rd Lens Productions spokesperson said “The intention for the workshops is to provide access to filmmaking to help young kids tap into their creativity. 
In conjunction with Life Skills for Children, we hope to help kids feel more empowered, confident, and positive, and find a craft they can take to their own and have fun doing, with the prospect of potentially opening up a career path.
At the end of the experience, we hope to have cultivated a group of 50 youngsters who would then be in charge of their own creative productions within the broadcasting channel we are setting up for the project, as well as being the key volunteers who help to draw out the scheme for more young people to get involved in”.
At this point of the article some of you might be asking yourself - How is the problem highlighted at the beginning of the article being tackled by this project?
I am a great believer that good and constant communication is the key to solving all problems. Many of the problems society faces today is directly attached to a lack of positive communication.
This project will see young people from a wide spectrum of different cultures, belief systems and personal circumstances come together to learn a set of life skills, which will install a valuable set of core values that will benefit them for the remainder of their lives.
Whilst absorbing these important skills the filmography workshops will provide them with opportunities to communicate positively to those around them about a range of subjects that they are passionate about. 
By bringing local groups together within the project we will be demonstrating to  young people the power of team work, positive communication and that regardless of your personal circumstances and cultural background we are all human and can celebrate the power of effective education together.
We have a reason to change the way we educate young people, we have a solution through the YPAOF project, so now we need the community to support this movement.
The business community will benefit from this project in a profound way as business related crime will fall, a new range of employee incentives where their families can be given the opportunities within the project can be initiated and the next generation of employees will have a set of life skills that will be beneficial to both the individual and the profits of the company.
Residents of the community will benefit from a reduction in anti-social behaviour and the fear associated to young people.
Parents will benefit from happier and safer children.
Schools will see an improvement in pupil behaviour, attendance and general discipline.
The question is - Can we afford not to do this project?
We need you, whether you are a parent, work in a school or company or own the company to back this project
Check out the project website

For more information about the Life Skills course and to see a project video visit

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