Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Young People are our Future will affect 25,000 kids

A community project to benefit 25,000 kids is being launched in Milton Keynes. The Young People are our Future project is fun, exciting and a rewarding project that sets out to teach children, how to increase their personal safety and learn skills such as respect and discipline, combined with a well endorsed Life Skills and Academic Programme.

Project leader Gary said: “This project will positively benefit 25,000 local children, develop 120 life skills coaches and will involve 50 local community groups who will provide FREE workshops and seminars across the city”.

The Life Skills For Children course is a non-physical course allowing children to experience scenarios, which they will naturally call on, and develop the relevant skills to increase their confidence and ability to communicate professionally aiding them when working in a team based environment.

Join the growing list of companies, community groups and passionate people who are dedicating their time and experience to improving the lives of thousands of local children.

Do you run a local group who provide services to young people? We need you to get involved...
Do you work for a company who could support this project? We need you to get involved...
Are you passionate about making a positive difference in your community? We need you to get involved...

Contact the YPAOF project leader: E: gary@lifeskillsforchildren.co.uk  W: www.lifeskillsforchildren.co.uk

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