Saturday, 21 May 2011

The Government Does Not Care About The Personal Safety Of Our Kids

Life Skills for Children from Milton Keynes has claimed that the Government do not care about the personal safety of our kids.

Recent statistics reveal the shocking facts, that knife attacks are committed every 24 minutes, anti social behaviour is rife within our communities and youth related crime is growing out of control. Fears around personal safety and bullying are elevated, and in a bid to protect themselves young people everywhere are resorting to carrying weapons.

Over the last five years, personal safety expert Gary Payne has developed and successfully piloted a non-physical personal safety and communications programme for young people from 5 – 16yrs.

“Whilst it is important to understand your reading, writing, and maths, isn’t it just as important, if not more so today, to understand the difference between right and wrong?, to understand how to take care of yourself physically, and mentally, to understand the benefits of good health and that fundamental skill called RESPECT, to know how to set goals and go after them so that you do not just spend your life shunting from a poor school career to an unfulfilled working life, to an early grave” said Gary.

The Government has spent millions of pounds on post traumatic services that assist young people after an incident(s) and whilst many of these groups provide a fantastic service, shouldn’t we be concentrating on preventative measures that in the long term will save millions upon millions of pounds.

“During the development phase of the programme we constantly approached various departments within the Government to establish a National pilot to provide children with some FREE training in Life Skills” said Gary Payne. “We have been pushed from department to department and have been ignored by local MP’s, ministers such as Beverley Hughes, Ed Balls, Jim Knight and Kevin Brennan and so called development officers within departments such as Children’s, Schools and Families”.

Life Skills contributes to over 27 Government initiatives attached to education, healthy schools and sport and yet whilst the Government ignored us on numerous occasions, schools in Luton and Wing were more than happy to allow us to conduct a Life Skills for Children pilot, which positively affected the lives of over 2000 young people and their families.

Gary said “the Life Skills for Children programme has received support from thousands of people through the web site and numerous charities like MAMAA (Mothers Against Murder and Aggression) who work with over 600 hundred families that have lost members of their family to violent crime.

It is criminal that there is so much bureaucracy stopping our kids from getting the education they need.
Preventative Measures Training is required to change the next generation of young people

It is about time the people of this country stand together and demand positive change. There are groups around the country that provide a great preventative measures service to young people who constantly get ignored or caught up in the murky bureaucracy that is Government. These ministers stand in front of the Nations media painting a very rosy picture of what the Government is doing and yet most of them spend their time avoiding meeting people that can activate positive change or spend their time promoting the message that the Government does not endorse or financially support any group.

Due to this lack of clear vision from the Government, society is paying the price and the people of this country have had enough. A recent survey conducted by Barnardo’s highlighted the ill feeling that is unfortunately growing towards the youth of this country. It is a great concern that this will continue if change is not activated now, today, not in nine months when the Government decide to have a meeting.

We cannot rely on the unprofessional indecisive people in the Government to make the changes. Teachers, sports coaches and any person that educates young people need to stand up and make change happen.

Life Skills for Children is a Milton Keynes based company that is ready to deploy the programme to every child in the country through schools, sports and community groups. We have the opportunity to educate young people everywhere from as little as £1.25 per child.

The Life Skills for Children team are calling for the people of this country to stand together and send an overriding message to the Government. Make the process of education a simple one. We have the preventative measures programmes to make positive change and we are not willing to put up with any more delays due to the policies of this Government.

If the Government do not care for the personal safety of our kids, then we have to turn to UK PLC for support. With the economy in such a poor state, big companies are adjusting their spending habits; however let’s invest in the next generation by giving them the skills to become positive members of our communities.


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