Saturday, 21 May 2011

It is no wonder so many of our kids are coming of the rails. Proliferation of drugs, under
age drinking, graffiti, kids being stabbed in schools. How has it got to this point
If you look at it logically, it is no surprise that our children are coming off the rails. In many
families and schools the basics of respect of yourself and for others, and self-discipline are
either non-existent or are buried under the fast food instant gratification lifestyle we are
exposed to.

Let’s face it, as a kid you are told what to do, how to do it, and when. No-one has the time

to deal with our kids issues. As parents we often don’t have the time to spend really
teaching our kids the life-skills they need. At school, teachers are wading waist deep in
bureaucracy and state imposed politically correct standards that leave them without the
time or clout to pass on the pearls of knowledge that could have a real, lasting impact on
the children.

‘Leaders are not born they are created’

Whilst it is important to understand your reading, writing, and maths, isn’t it just as

important, if not more so today, to understand the difference between right and wrong? To
understand how to take care of yourself physically, and mentally, to understand the
benefits of good health and fitness, to know how to set goals and go after them so that you
do not just spend your life shunting from a poor school career to an unfulfilled working life,
to an early grave.

We have a growing number of young people that find it difficult to interact with other

human beings, and are scared of leaving the safety of their homes in fear of a violent
confrontation. Our children are telling us the reason they fill the need to carry knives is for
their own protection.

“Life Skills for Children” have the answer. EDUCATION

Life Skills for Children consists of five one hour sessions, and is designed to develop such

skills as: - vision, confidence, motivation, communication, action, creativity, strategy,
courage and trust.

“This is a non-physical approach to personal safety, involving awareness skills and

protective behaviours,”
said Gary Payne, the programme’s founder. “An increasing number
of children are being bullied at some point in their life, and Life Skills for Children
teaches them the skills they need to counteract this. It also allows children to grasp an
understanding of social responsibility and how to positively interact with others. It has
improved communication amongst students, their teachers and their parents.”

The programme also tackles knife awareness and is proving popular with children and

their parents

Life Skills for Children has been successfully delivered to thousands of young people

through schools, community groups and charities.
Gary said, “We are seeking support from parents, community groups and those individuals
that could make the expansion of the programme a little easier. Life Skills can be delivered
in so many different environments and we are happy to demonstrate the power of the
programme to anybody”

For further information on Life Skills for Children visit:

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