Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Power of the People

First it was Egypt and then over the next few months several countries followed in their foot steps. All around the world we have been reminded that positive change can be initiated by the people. 
  • Politicians change their opinions to suit the people who elect them
  • Community leaders are driven by the thoughts and attitudes of the people they serve
  • Companies are motivated by the responses from their customers
Many of the significant world changing moments in history have been inspired, motivated and driven by huge groups of people supporting a set of common values and beliefs.
Even dictators such as Gaddafi have succumb to the power of the people’s wishes over the last few months.
And yet I sit here writing this article pondering the many different issues that we have as a society and wonder why so many of us have the same opinions and yet do nothing about it.
Let me highlight just one issue out of the mountain of issues that are continually discussed daily throughout the media, in social arenas and around the dinner table.
Statistics demonstrate that the youth of this current generation and quite possibly the last one to, have been let down considerably by Government policies which have seriously diluted many of the core values that this country was built upon.
To openly discuss these polices and the negative affect many of them have had on communities across the country will take me of my main focus for this article and will inevitably increase the size of this article substantially.
The way in which we raise children in this country has changed so significantly we have many parents who are not sure what measures they can lawfully take to discipline their children and provide them with a good code of conduct.
One such example is a parent I recently met at a Life Skills boot camp event where I was teaching his child some basic skills around the subjects of respect, social responsibility and positive attitude.
In answer to a simple question I had directed towards him to ascertain his opinion why his child has become this out of control, angry and abusive individual, I was greeted with the uneducated response “What can I do. If I smack him I am breaking the law and if I don’t I am being accused of bringing up a bad kid”
Whilst the answer was easy to dismiss as a throw away comment, I have heard this comment enough to suggest we as a society are not providing the adequate education to young people to prepare them for one, growing up as responsible individual and two, understanding the huge responsibility of becoming a parent.
It is important to note that a majority of parents have the singular mission of providing their children with the best opportunities they can, which includes the provision of a good education and the right social skills.
However, we have a growing number of young people that are growing up with insufficient skills to interact positively in society or who are growing up in fear of being bullied as they are not taught any skills as an early intervention process to assist them in identifying and avoiding potentially dangerous situations.
Providing children with some key skills to increase their safety, their ability to work and play positively in social arenas and ultimately increase the opportunity for them to become positive forward thinking members of the community is essential to stopping the growing number of young people that are causing themselves and society so many problems.
Oh, those of you who continually telling me that you are tied of paying for the mistakes of others as you do not have any children yourself. Your right. Why should you continually pay into a system that is failing to provide the youth of today with the right skills to support your investment and make the place in which you live more prosperous.
What makes it worse is that your paying twice. You pay into a system that is providing inadequate skills to the young and then you pay again once these young people fall into crime and anti-social behaviour. Recent figures provided by the House of Commons suggested that the cost of anti-social behaviour in the UK is around 3.4 billion.
So what is the solution. We already established at the beginning of this article that those fortunate enough to be in positions of power are reactive to the opinions of the people.
Waiting for Government policies to be produced to reinstall some of the core values this country has lost will by in large be like waiting for it to snow in the sahara desert. 
Life Skills for Children provide key skills training for young people to learn and appreciate an agreed code of conduct. They learn how to increase their safety, communicate professionally, create positive thinking attitudes and how to identify with the required skills to become confident young people.
Life Skills for Children is just one of many groups that has a realistic solution to what has become a very difficult problem.
I personally have lost faith in politicians and community leaders as I have lived long enough to appreciate the many different ways they use to manipulate their positions to appease the people. 
Promises after promises with very few results.
If the people of countries such as Egypt can stand together to send a message so powerful it creates change, we to should speak as one, stand together and force the change required to help our children and our children’s children.
A majority of parents will tell you that the welfare of their children is paramount and that providing them with everything they require to grow and live a healthy and enjoyable life is all that matters to them.
Whilst this natural emotional response to having children has to be applauded, I have to ask why so many of us sit back and do nothing when something goes horribly wrong with the children of others. 
Whether we have children or not, this problem affects us all and just a small change in the education of our young ones and some parents can benefit us all.
Join the Life Skills for Children group and show your support for change

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