Friday, 7 October 2011

Young People are our Future 2011 - event milton keynes

Looking at the society we live in today we have to wonder what sort of children are we raising. Proliferation of drugs, under age smoking, drinking, graffiti, kids being bullied in school etc, etc. How is it coming to this?
If you look at it logically, it is no surprise that our children are coming off the rails. In many families and schools the basics of respect of yourself and for others, and self-discipline are either non-existent or are buried under the fast food instant gratification lifestyle we are exposed to.
Let’s face it, as a kid you are told what to do, how to do it, and when. No-one has the time to deal with our kids issues. As parents we often don’t have the time to spend really teaching our kids the life-skills they need. At school, teachers are wading waist deep in bureaucracy and state imposed politically correct standards that leave them without the time or clout to pass on the pearls of knowledge that could have a real, lasting impact on the children.
‘Leaders are not born they are created’.
Whilst it is important to understand your reading, writing, and maths, isn’t it just as important, if not more so today, to understand the difference between right and wrong? To understand how to take care of yourself physically, and mentally, to understand the benefits of good health and fitness, to know how to set goals and go after them so that you do not just spend your life shunting from a poor school career to an unfulfilled working life, to an early grave.
Hundreds of local young people recently participated in a very successful pilot of a life skills course delivered through schools and local community centres.
Life-Skills For Children teaches children through allowing them to experience scenarios and activities which will naturally call on and develop such skills as: - vision, confidence, motivation, communication, passion, persistence, action, charisma, creativity, strategy, courage and trust. They find out the importance of setting their own goals and, perhaps, most importantly of all they find out WHY these things are important. Give a child a big enough WHY and they will walk through walls to achieve it.
To celebrate the wonderful opportunities young people have in and around Milton Keynes, Life Skills for Children are running a large event at the Jury’s Inn hotel on Monday 14th November 2011.
The event will include dance, singing and life skills personal safety workshops, a mini auction to raise money for Children in Need and a fantastic competition in which young people will be asked to create inspiring posters to tackle bullying.
Imagine 500 young people and their families participating in a massive group sing-a-long and dance to raise money for charity. All of this and they will learn some valuable life skills to combat bullying and increase their confidence, said Life Skills for Children founder Gary Payne”.
Parents, schools, local groups and companies are being asked to support the event as working together will enable local young people to become the best they can be.
For further information on the event and to download an event poster, please visit  
Life Skills for Children
Gary Payne - Founder & Believer
T: 0845 370 0015
M: 07725 481769

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