Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Young People are our Future web site is launched and the project is ready to go

The Young People are our Future project is now up and running with the launch of the web site on May 1st 2012. This dynamic activity is the ultimate community project designed to educate, inspire and motivate young people with real life skills

You don't have to look far to either see images or hear stories of how the youth of today is causing local communities so many problems. Anti-social behaviour, ill discipline, no respect, massive youth unemployment.

Let's face it whilst the media is very good at pumping us with negative story after negative story, the simple facts are like in so many things it is the minority that is causing the problems for the majority.

We all know that a majority of young people are on the right tracks to growing up and becoming responsible, successful members of their communities.

What is worrying is that the minority group does seem to be getting bigger and if we are not careful will spiral out of control.

To tackle many of the youth related issues communities are experiencing the Government produced a wonderful concept called the BIG SOCIETY. Let's all work together to improve the opportunities young people have in order to become the best they can be.

Young People are our Future is the ultimate community project, which compliments the BIG SOCIETY initiative in every way possible. read on....

For the past few years I have dedicated myself to the development and deployment of a very successful life skills training course for young people. The course is designed to educate young people from 5 years + in a some practical and effective skills to increase their confidence, communication skills, ability to assess and avoid a potentially dangerous situation such as bullying and many more key skills.

I have recently set up a charity called "Young People are our Future". Together with a committee of 12 trustees representing several large companies including Jurys Inn, VW, Home Retail Group, John Lewis and Women & Work, we have developed the ultimate community project, which will initially positively affect the lives of 25,000 local young people in Milton Keynes and then will be mobilised across the country.

The project has some simple objectives:

1: Educate 25,000 young people in some real life skills
2: Provide 60 local schools with FREE life skills training
3: Develop 120 life skills coaches for the local community
4: Get 50 local clubs and groups representing a wide range of sports, music, dance, drama and art to provide FREE workshops for local young people to experience activities they would otherwise never experience
5: Provide a comprehensive employability training course to young people, where they get to learn from local professionals working within large companies

The benefits of this project are huge but the main ones to note are:

1: Young people will increase their safety and confidence
2: Young people will have access to activities they ordinarily would not have access to
3: We will reduce local anti-social behaviour statistics
4: We will reduce local business crime statistics
5: A community spirit will be developed, which will be supportive and caring

YPAOF is inviting potential volunteers to a FREE presentation we are running on May 23rd at Home Retail Group, Avebury Blvd, CMK - 18:00


Further details on the project can be found at

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