Thursday, 12 December 2013

New - The ultimate anti-bullying and personal development course for young people is available to BUY NOW!

New - The ultimate anti-bullying course for
young people is available to BUY NOW!
This book was written to support parents and teachers in their quest to raise safe, confident, happy young people. 

Gary Payne is a veteran of the personal safety and development sector, and has dedicated over 25 years to developing and deploying training solutions for numerous organisations and individuals, including Police and Military personnel. 

The Life Skills for Children course is easy to learn and provides some very powerful messages, designed to increase a young persons confidence, personal safety, communication skills and ability to socially interact positively with their peers. 

The content of the course can be delivered to young people from 5 to 16 years and is a great way for families to learn some key skills together. 

The Life Skills for Children course has been successfully delivered to thousands of young people with some amazing results. The statistics below, taken from the first 7,000 young people who experienced the course, clearly demonstrate the                                                  fantastic results that are achievable with this course.

- 5,623 kids stated they feel more confident (80%) 
- 6,786 kids felt safer (97%) 
- 6,034 kids had better communication skills (86%) 
- 5,728 kids had better problem solving skills (82%) 
- 6,278 kids could set & achieve goals (90%) 

The course is the heartbeat of the Young People are our Future charity, which delivers the course to young people through schools, special education facilities and behaviour management groups. 

As a preventative measures course, Life Skills for Children will help young people who: Are being bullied, Have poor communication skills, Lack confidence, Lack self-esteem, Have behaviour issues, Have no motivation or drive. 

This course is a great addition to any parent or teacher who wants to provide their children with some real life skills that will stay with them for the rest of their lives.

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