Thursday, 12 December 2013

What a great 1st YEAR
Thank you to everyone involved with the charity

It has been just over one year since the Young People are our Future charity was born and what a great year it has been. The Life Skills for Children course has been successfully delivered to 8,102 young people, over 100 families have participated in the family forum sessions, 19 mentoring courses have been completed and over 40 activity workshops have been run all over the city of Milton Keynes.

Community Activities

The charity has run a number of FREE events for young people including sport, dance, drama, first aid and self-defence. A massive thank you to the event tutors, your contribution has been fantastic. We are currently looking for event tutors to assist us in 2014. Click here to find out more information


We have managed to interact with a lot of young people within their schools. The Life Skills course has been delivered through the PSHE curriculum. We have developed a school partnership scheme, which has been joined by several local schools. Our school work has enabled us to interact with parents and provide some successful family forum sessions.
Schools on board include: St Monica's, Stantonbury Campus, Jubilee Wood, Shenley Brook End, Hanslope Primary and Summerfield.

Mentoring Courses

Designed as a behaviour modification course, the mentoring course has been delivered to over 300 young people. The mentoring course has been delivered in primary and secondary schools,and Pupil Referral Units

The Team

A huge thank you to all of those team members who made this year a great success, especially Destine, Michelle, Tony, Kam, Chris, Andy, Peter, Hannah, Josh, Samuel, Lewis, Aliyah, Milan, Sam, Harry.

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