Friday, 28 March 2014

   Thanks for helping us get past 9,000 young people

Well, it has taken some time but todays event at the Egham Sports & Social club has finally enabled us to breach the 9,000 marker. 

I turned up expecting to teach a group of 50 young people alongside one of our life skills coaches John, when I was pleasantly surprised to see the hall that John had hired was full to the rim.

John had been busy roping in members of the local sports community and managed to get 263 kids together at one event. 

To say it was loud was an understatement, but it was great fun and ended in a series of sporting activities that John had arranged with each sports club prior the event.

It was wonderful to see young people all of ages and physical abilities learning and playing together.

John is an inspiring life skills coach who in just one event has demonstrated his passion for making a difference in his community. 

By dedicating just a few hours of his time he has made a huge difference to hundreds of young people and their families. 

By day he works as a call centre manager and twice a week runs a local youth rugby team and yet he still finds time to give back.

The YPAOF charity was set up to make a lasting difference and people like John make it a lot easier to achieve our goals. THANK YOU JOHN.

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