Friday, 9 May 2014


Young People are our Future (YPAOF) is a registered charity and was set in at the end of 2012.  At the heart of the charity lies the “Life Skills for Children” course which empowers young people with a set of core skills to increase their personal safety, confidence, communication skills and ultimately assists them in assessing and avoiding becoming a victim to BULLYING.

Due to the success of the charity in its first year of operation YPAOF has just moved into a BIGGER and better location situated at the CMK Railway station.

 “This new facility will enable us to run even more events and provide young people and their families with a professional service” said the charities founder, Gary Payne.

Some of these new services include activities in self-defence, fitness, yoga, drama.
To keep the celebrations going, YPAOF have just reached their first milestone with 10,783 young people having experienced the Life Skills education.

Gary said “Despite some serious challenges and a budget of a shoe string we have hit a major milestone so thank you to every one of the small but dedicated team who have helped”.

With the Life Skills for Children parenting book being published on Amazon and the funds supporting local young people through the project, it is hoped that the next target of 15,000 will be achieved towards the tail end of this year.

Details of the YPAOF charity and how you can access FREE events for your children visit.

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